Musical Monday–Week of Hope

It’s a Week of Hope on the Light of Truth blog.

You might ask why. I’ll share more details on that later, but long story short, I lost a high school friend this past week because he’d lost all hope.


I’m here to tell you, there is always hope.

No matter what.

There are many songs out there about hope, but for now, here’s mine.


Our Hope Endures, by Natalie Grant.


So, what’s  your favorite song that inspires hope?

7 thoughts on “Musical Monday–Week of Hope

  1. What a beautiful song. Most of the songs I listen to are about Hope, because I”m desperate and useless without it. Here’s one of my recent faves: Forever by Fireflight – “Sometimes I feel so cold, Like I’m waiting around all by myself. Loneliness gets so old, I’m in the lost and found, sitting on a shelf. Been stuck for way too long, I hear Your voice, You’re who I’m counting on. Oh, tell me You’re here, That You will watch over me, Forever. Oh, take hold of my heart, Show me You love me, forever. I know that You can tell, When I start to let my hope fade away. I need to catch myself, Open my ears to hear You calling my name. Been fighting way too long, I hear Your voice, You had me all along.”
    Thanks for this post, Lynn! What a great way to encourage each other with ENDURING HOPE!

  2. Kat. . .I am so grateful you for you making it past cancer. Praise God!

    Lynn. . .what an intense picture there at the beginning. I like the theme this week!

  3. I don’t think I could name a particular song, but I do tend to listen to Jeremy Camp when I’m feeling bummed. His CD “Stay” played almost constantly while I went through chemo five years ago.

    Yes, there is always hope, but there are times when we don’t see it. I’m so sorry about your friend, Lynn.

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