Musical Monday–Week of Love

Happy Monday!

This week on Catch the Rush, it’s all about the LOVE!

Yep, tomorrow, August 10th, marks my fourteenth year with my soul mate, Charlie! So, I’ve dedicated this week to the idea of LOVE and MARRIAGE  . . . .

So….today I just have to share our song with you.

Yep, this is the song we first danced to as a married couple.


Until the End of Time, by Foreigner



I know I’ve played this song on here before because last year on our anniversary week I shared it. But, I just had to do it again. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that song.


6 thoughts on “Musical Monday–Week of Love

  1. Our anniversary is also August 10th. While I mentioned on my blog awhile back that I would soon be married for 32 years, turns out I was a year ahead of myself. I guess after all those years what’s another one added on? lol! Happy Anniversary!

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