Why wait to live until it’s time to die?

Musical Mondays is about our favorite music. What’s your favorite song? If you’re a writer, does it inspire your creativity? Cure writer’s block? If you’re not a writer, what do your favorite songs do for you?


Ok, I’m sooo diggin’ SuperChicksuperchickDo you know them? They are kinda of alternative. Some songs sort of rockish…I mean, by my standards.  SuperChick has a bunch of songs I love and listen to frequently.  But WE LIVE was one of the first. I love the message. BUT, of course, I have my favorite phrase.

Why did I wait to live ’til it was time to die?



If you want to read all the lyrics, CLICK HERE.


So, what’d you think? Pretty sweet song, right?  The part where she sings: But what would it take for the couds to break; For us to realize each day is a gift somehow.

I mean, does that hit home or what? Each day is a gift. How are you livin’ each day? For yourselves? For others? For God?


So tell me… what music is rockin’ your soul


9 thoughts on “MUSICAL MONDAYS

  1. I love SuperChick and love that song. I love the song, “Give me your Eyes” by Brandon Heath. A few others I like are Hope Now by Addison Road, By your Side by 10th Avenue North, and Slow Fade by Casting Crowns. KLove is all I listen to and sometimes PLR.

  2. Thanks for stoppin’ by Erica. I LOVE Casting Crowns. I’ve featured them before on my Musical Mondays…LOVE them, saw them in concert, Alter to the Door is my fav.

    Sarah–thanks for stoppin’ by. Your taste IS all over the board. It’s GREAT

  3. What a question! I like SuperChic[k] (I think that’s how they spell it). But today I’m at work listening to my Sara Groves, PFR, and Shane&Shane stations on Pandora. Tonight, when I get home to write, I’ll put on my iPod and listen to Israel Houghton, Skillet, and Keith Green. My taste is all over the board and my song choice depends on my mood.

  4. Billy…oh, yeah, I think you’re gonna like SuperChick. Despite the name, it’s for guys as well. **LOL**

    Gzusfreek…I love these guys. They have an edge. And, the lead singer is sporting a version of the mohawk…then the pink hair. I LOVE it.

    Joannamallory…Oh yeah, Today we remember to live and to love. Great words. Klove did use to play it a bunch. I haven’t listed to Klove in a while, got sick of their songs (on eternal repeat…). It might be time to check them out again.

    Sarah….third day. Oh yeah, YOU got me listening to Revelation. I tell ya, those words DO HIT home, don’t they?

  5. Love the song and the band!

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Third Day. I just downloaded their latest CD and I like to keep “Revelation” on repeat. The words speak to directly to what I’ve been feeling lately.

  6. I like this song, used to hear it on KLOVE a lot. The line that comes back to me now is “Today we remember to live and to love.”

    The music that rocks my soul most often comes from Todd Agnew or the Newsboys. Gotta say, days when I take my mp3 player to the gym give me the best workout (and I’m even smiling while exercising, which doesn’t happen any other time).

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