timmcgraw2You just never know what type of music you’ll find in the spotlight on Musical Mondays here on the Light of Truth blog, huh?  **smile**

I guess that’s the idea.

Maybe we’ll even feature Eminem some day…… But today’s not that day.

Instead, I’m posting Country Music.  Yep, I’m a closet county music lover…Ok, not lover, but, I don’t mind it. And anything Tim McGraw does is pretty much awesome. This song’s amazing. I hope you take time to see the video I’ve linked.

You’ll be impacted, I promise.




Now typically you won’t find country music on my I-Pod, but I’ve known about this song for a while and thought it was time to talk it up.  It has a great message. I almost posted all the lyrics here, because it was hard to choose which ones affected me the most. But, I chose the following. These lyrics threw me for a loop. It’s hauntingly true.

He said “I was finally the husband,
That most the time I wasn’t.
And I became a friend a friend would like to have.
And all of a sudden going fishing,
Wasn’t such an imposition,
And I went three times that year I lost my Dad.
Well, I finally read the Good Book,
And I took a good long hard look,
At what I’d do if I could do it all again,
And then:

I went sky diving, I went rocky mountain climbing,
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fumanchu.
And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter,
And I gave forgiveness I’d been denying.
And he said: “Some day, I hope you get the chance,
“To live like you were dying.”

For a full set of lyrics, CLICK HERE.


Is there a song out there that has affected you in a life changing way? Which one?


3 thoughts on “MUSICAL MONDAYS

  1. Kat–I first heard country music when I went away to college and started dating a good ‘ol farm boy. The first song I heard was Georg Strait…I liked him.
    Billy–“We’re normal people” Oh man, you’re so funny. Yes, I’ve always liked country music since I first heard it in college. It’s just not my first choice. But Tim McGraw and Faith Hill…now that’s good music!

  2. I’m knee-deep in country music land here in Nebraska. EVERYONE loves it. (But not me.)

    But there’s one country song by Patti Loveless that always makes me cry. It’s called, “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?”

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