Don’t Give Up on Love, by Sanctus Real

This song has special meaning for me. This month my church is doing  a series on Marriage based on the Fireproof movie. This song talks about not giving up on love….kinda fits.

Here are my favorite lyrics.

I heard you say you would love for a lifetime
Now you complain a lifetime just doesn’t feel right for you
Another casualty of casual love
Another soul out of place, a heart that gave up

Why do we break the promises we make?
Are we living for ourselves?

Don’t give up on love and throw it all away
Don’t give up on love and let it fall away
When did it become so easy to run from your pain?
Don’t give up on love and throw it all away

FULL Lyrics: Click HERE





So, what’d you think? Any new songs playin’ on  your I-pod?


6 thoughts on “MUSICAL MONDAYS

  1. Hey Lynn, Awesome song! And I’m so behind on movies. I haven’t even seen Fireproof yet. Yikes! Okay, am I an idiot or what but I cannot figure out how to post youtube on my blog???

  2. Those are some poignant lyrics. My husband and I talk quite often about the struggles we have gone through in our marriage.

    It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

  3. Thanks, Billy. I love music!!

    KM-Yeah, these are great lyrics, aren’t they? My dad is soooo close, too bad his bike broke. He has to finish his last few hundred miles with limited gears. And that is TOUGH to do. 🙁 But hey, he made it this far with no problems. So pray hard.

    You have a Musical Monday as well!!!

  4. Nice sound. Great lyrics! I hadn’t heard of Sanctus. The series as church sounds wonderful 🙂
    Saw your dad’s milage-whoo hoo!
    Have a great, musical Monday 🙂

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