Musical Mondays is about our favorite music. If you’re a writer, does it inspire your creativity? Cure writer’s block? If you’re not a writer, what do your favorite songs do for you?


Okay, I know it’s Monday, and not Then and Now Thursday, but hey, I just had to put this song up.

Check it out. It’s a classic.

Key Largo, Bertie Higgins.




***So, what’s playin’ on your iPod today?***

4 thoughts on “MUSICAL MONDAYS

  1. I remember that song from back in the day. I don’t even remember when it came out … sorta fades into all the multitudinous memories clouding my brain.

    Lately, I’ve revisited Richard Marx, especially his “Angel’s Lullaby” I have 120 songs on my iPod at the moment (just started collecting).

  2. KM: Pretty song, indeed. Yeah, his flowing hair in the ocean breeze. LOL. So 80’s.

    Kat: Yeah, I stumbled across it this weekend….I’m a sucker for 80s music as well.

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