This could be the day, Addison Road

Okay, I’m loving this group. Been listening to their stuff 24/7 (must to my sweet hubby’s dismay) for a couple months, now.

Over, and over, and over….You can ask him  🙂

Anyway, this song hit a chord with me this past weekend, though. It’s about being active in our faith. At least this is how I interpret it.

They really hit me with the idea that this world, what we have today, is temporary…it’s just a minute compared to eternity.

Clearly it’s time to make a change

Or I could keep sitting and waste all day

I know that it’s time for me to move

I’ve been given this minute to use

And given this moment to prove that

(FULL LYRICS: click here)





What’d you think of the song?


4 thoughts on “MUSICAL MONDAYS

  1. KM–Yeah, isn’t it? This song ROCKS!

    Alison–Really, their name is after a road in your home town? How cool is that!! Yeah, I found this group by accident at a concert a while back. Fell in love instantly and have them on repeat. LOL.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by you two!

  2. David and I started listening to them about a year ago….I really like them, too! Plus their name is sentimental for me because they named themselves after a road in my birth town of Dallas.

    Thanks for posting this.

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