Musical Mondays

Okay, time for a classic!

Franke and the Knockouts, Sweetheart



You guys ever hear of this band? My sweet hubby was playing some songs on iTunes the other day and I overhead this one and fell in love. What a fun song. Love the tune.


So, what songs are rockin’ your world lately? I need some new ones to download on my iPod.


3 thoughts on “Musical Mondays

  1. LOL. Kat- you crack me up. I know tight pants and mullets. Like I said, this one’s a classic. LOL.

    Lori–Okay, I’m going to chekc out tenth avenue north. . . we’ll see how I like them. I need some new tunes!! 🙂

  2. Holy Tight Pants and Mullets, Batman!

    Wow! I’m blushing because of the guy on the left (the sparring partner) in some of the first scenes. Whoa.

    Seriously, though, this singer sounds kind of like Michael McDonald of the Doobie Bros. That’s a good thing. 🙂

  3. LOL! That was worth a giggle this morning! The lead singer reminds me of the limo driver friend in The Wedding Singer. That hair! And mustache. And clothes. He’s got such a great voice though! Talented, obviously. I’ll probably have that song in my head all day now. 🙂 Great stuff.

    I’ve been rocking to Fireflight, Rush of Fools and Tenth Avenue North lately. Sweet music, dynamic lyrics!

    Happy Musical Monday!

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