Musical Mondays

What do you think of this song by Christina Aguilera?

I turn to you:


Her voice is so unexpected. When I first heard her, I was shocked to see such a massively ginormous voice streaming out from this young, tiny girl.

Man, that girl can sing.

And this song. . . whew. Have you ever just sat and listened to or, better yet, read the lyrics? Pretty inspirational as far as I’m concerned.

My favs are:
When I lose the will to win
I just reach for you and
I can reach the sky again.
I can do anything
‘Cause your love is so amazing,
‘Cause your love inspires me.

Who does this for you in your life?

Full Lyrics: CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Musical Mondays

  1. Always thought she is so pretty, and her voice is amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if she was singing about the Lord? Who knows. Maybe she is. Great lyrics. A love song to my Jesus.

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