Musical Mondays

Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. For today’s song, I picked P!NK’s “Please Don’t Leave Me.”

Ever heard it?

I’m a pretty big fan of P!NK’s  (Yeah, don’t judge me**smile**) and this song, like Sober, really hit home with me. It’s just so easy to hurt the ones we love the most, isn’t it?. . . this song paints that picture well.

I picked a You  Tube that has only lyrics, cuz I think the actual video dampens the true meaning with its humor, but if you want, you can google the true video if you want. I just love the lyrics.




My favorite lyrics are:

I forgot to say out loud,

How beautiful you really are to me,

I can’t be without,

You’re my perfect little punching bag,

And I need you,

I’m sorry.


So, what’s your current favorite song? Do tell, I need to download some new tunes


Full Lyrics:  CLICK HERE


6 thoughts on “Musical Mondays

  1. Kat–you crack me up. Rick is okay! I’m gonna go post it on my Facebook so 4500 friends see it. . . there will be NO shoooooshing me. LOL. JUST KIDDING. 🙂

    Kristine–Ohh, I don’t know them, heading over there now.

    KM–P!nk has a great voice, huh? Different, yes, but sure is good for working out too isn’t it? 🙂

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