Musical Mondays

Kool and the Gang! I had to pick them for today even though they probably qualify as a “Throwback Thursday” topic. Oh, and not to mention I’ve already played it on Musical Mondays once before.


I just had to play it again, because we’ve been doing much celebrating at the Lynn Rush household the past week.

If you follow me on twitter or Facebook at all, you’ve maybe heard snippets of the exciting news happening, but you’ll have to swing by here tomorrow to get the whole story.

For now, celebrate with me and Kool and the Gang and have a fantastic Monday.

See you all tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “Musical Mondays

  1. LOVE Kool & the Gang. I saw them on that bowl game too! Good memories. And fitting for Lynn Rush’s life at the moment! Celebrating along with ya, girl!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Did you see these guys perform at the Orange Bowl halftime show? (I think it was the Orange Bowl.) I was impressed at how good they sounded after so many years.

    Can’t wait to hear “The rest of the story.”

  3. Fitting. Fitting! Looking forward to the week ahead her at LOT.

    I always wondered at the 2am postings LOL

    Hey, I look like that when I run (the man from your weekend post)

  4. what are you doing up at 2 in the morning after the day you had?!!
    And awesome song – I love it too – and SO appropriate!

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