Hey there everyone.  Happy Friday Eve….  It’s been a great week so far.  Hey, I’m employed, right?  Just celebrated a sweet 12 year anniversary with my soul mate.   So, you might be asking, “What’s with the title, Sheri?”

Well, well, well.  I’m glad you ask.  This morning, I’m out jogging with my good friend, Michele, and as we near the end giving loud praises to God that the torture we’re inflicting upon ourselves is almost over, we trot by a pick-up full of teenagers.  

Ok, you say, “What’s the big deal, a pick-up truck full of teens.”  Well, did I mention that it was 5:40AM, yes, as in 5:40 in the morning????  I thought it to be very strange as well.  As we trotted by the isolated pick-up, the unmistakable odor of illegal substances accosts our senses.  

Now, you might know a little about my past life (Masters in Counseling), well, I worked in an addictions unit for adults.  So, you can imagine my sensitivity to seeing this.  Also, my novel, Light of Truth, addresses this a bit because my main character was into the booze and drugs as well.  

It just made my heart ache a little to see these young, fantastic teens getting stoned before school.  Let’s all say a quick prayer for those who may be struggling with drug and alcohol use.

2 thoughts on “MY BROKEN HEART

  1. Your post today resonates deep within my heart. Not only as the wife of a recovering alcoholic, but as the mother of a young teenager who will face the pressure of friends wanting her to join them in similar heartaches as well.

    Not only should we pray for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, but for the teens who may be tempted to divert from a healthy path.

    E-mail me, Sheri, I have a question for you. 😉

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