Once Upon a Name – Tales of the Strange and Unusual


What’s in a name? Names have power, names have magic, names can set the course for a great destiny.

Once upon a time, twenty author friends accepted a challenge by a fairy tale name generator. Now, twenty new characters have adventurous tales to tell.

In this clean YA anthology, meet goddesses, empresses, countesses, wannabe sorceress apprentices, female leaders of wolf packs, and guardian frog sidekicks. Search for missing persons with a hunter turned detective. Swoon over the gypsy sultana who must prove she is fit to rule. Cavort with our demons, wraiths, and demigods and lose your soul to the Bone Marsh. Root for a genie’s freedom or bite your nails as you pray for the witch to get the spell right. And yes, feel your heart palpitate at unexpected romance.

Escape into our strange and unusual collection of short stories written by award-winning and up-and-coming authors. Join us in far-off lands and learn. . .what is in a name?

Proceeds will go to the global reading charity, Book Aid International.

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Authors and their Instagram Handles:

AM Stubblefield: @weaving_with_words

Alice Charlotte Levins @aliceivinya.author

Ashley Steffenson @authorashleyanne

Jo Holloway @author_joholloway

Bekah Berge @bekah.berge

CC Sullivan @ccsullivan_writer

Dani Hoots @danihootsauthor

Elana Shelest @elenashelestwriter

Lyndsey Hall @lyndseyhall

Nicole Diane @ndtcasale

Rhianna Williams @authorrhiannewilliams

Magda Smith @sneakymewriter

Sky Sommers @sommers_sky

Susan Stradiotto @susanstradiotto

DM Taylor @authordmtaylor

Bethany Hoeflich @hoeflichbethany

Lynn Rush @lynnrushwrites

Serena Feller @ariellewillowwrites

Maria Reed @authormariereed

Sarina Langer @sarinalangerwriter

Release Date: April 20, 2022