Okay, some of you might be going, “HUH? What the heck is a NaNoWriMo?”

I first thought that as well. **LOL**

It stands for National Novel Writing Month.

You might be smirking, “Yeah, right. Write a novel in a month?”

Well, it’s actually a “contest” to see if we can get 50,000 words on our next novel done from November 1st to  November 30th.

Sure, some novels are 50,000 words, but mine aren’t, so I use this as a starting point. I’m going to try and write Emma and Jake’s third book, which you all helped me title: Violet Storm.

It’s totally fun to go through the process with so many other writers. Makes the process a tad less lonely, you know?

Are you guys doing it? Come “buddy” me and we’ll go through it together. My username is LynnRush.


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