Sunset from my driveway

Sunset from my driveway

I know, this picture is dark, but I still had to post it to give you at least a sense of what I saw the other evening.

My good friend called me one night telling me to run outside to see the sun setting. She was driving down the interstate and thought enough to call me to share this. How sweet is that?

I LOVE sunrises and sunsets. They inspire me so deeply. When I burst outside with my camera and her still on the phone, my breath left me. The colors were so vibrant and how they bounced off the clouds was amazing.

It was a great way to end a good day..My good friend on the phone and a beautiful sunset to watch.


What’s the last thing of beauty you saw that knocked your socks off?


5 thoughts on “NATURE’S BEAUTY

  1. Hey, thanks for visiting you guys. The scenes you described are, indeed, beautiful.

    vily, When I lived in Colorado, I had a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains, and I could see storms coming in from miles and miles away. It was awesome.

  2. Beautiful picture! The most recent thing that took my breath away was watching a dolphin at Sea World interact with Jackson, my 5 year old. Jackson was “playing” with it–behind glass. The dolphin would follow Jackson’s commands, then “nodded” at Jackson as if to say, “You’re doing a great job”. It was amazing!

  3. That is so gorgeous, Lynn! I love Arizona sunsets!

    Of course, the pictures never do them justice, so I can only imagine how fabulous that was in real life!

    One of my favorite beautiful things is thunderstorms. A couple months ago when we had that fabulous lightning, hurricane-worthy storm, my friend Joy and I went for a walk, just enjoying the light show and 80mph winds!

    Also, driving up to Globe, AZ, for Thanksgiving, the entire mountain was covered in fog, so it was truly gorgeous to see the crags of rock sticking out from between the fingers of cloud.

  4. You mean besides Hugh Jackman on the cover of People Magazine?

    Hmmm…I could say the Nebraska countryside driving to my brother-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving, but I always say that.

    I really enjoyed watching the sunset over Mount Rushmore from a distance last summer. I love the Black Hills. Gorgeous, gorgeous territory.

  5. I was hiking in the mountains recently. It was morning, and though the fog that had settled in that night was gone where I was, it was still nestled in the small valley below me. So there I stood, on solid ground, above the clouds. And I didn’t have my camera.

    Beautiful picture, by the way.

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