Never Give Up–Week of Hope

The movie Legion ranks up there on the scale of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. But, one thing that rang true in the movie was its theme of hope.

Yep. Amongst crappy acting & terrible writing, I found a theme that touched my heart.


Sure, the special effects were pretty good. And, well, I admit, I have a thing for angels and wings. Heck, I’ve even written a couple books that have characters with wings.

But there’s this one character in this movie, they call him JEEP. He’s kind of a strange bird, really.  Jeep hasn’t lost hope. He sees the good in everything even when no one else can see it.

I mean, he has a dead end life/job & loves a woman who’s pregnant with another man’s child. But still, he continues on, thinking of her first in everything without ever expecting anything in return.

In the movie, the Archangel, Michael, defied an order from God to exterminate the human race. He did so because he had hope and faith in man when God had lost it. He went down to fight with them despite knowing he would die doing it.

And at the very end, Michael and JEEP’s hope shines through. I won’t go into details in case you want to watch it and don’t mind wading through the poor acting and poor writing.

But JEEP & Michael hold on to the very end and are rewarded, greatly.

So, when you think all is lost. Just hold on. Hold on and you can make it through anything.


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