New Adult…huh?


With my release of the Wasteland cover yesterday, I got a couple people asking, What is New Adult?

It’s a great question. Many don’t know about that category because it’s relatively new to the scene.

Young Adult stories are just as complex as any mainstream novel, however the romantic element is handled more gently in comparison. Also, the characters are generally in Middle School or High School. New Adult novels take the stories to the next level romantically, and the characters are usually out of school, dealing with life challenges.

I’m really proud to be among the first New Adult books published by Crescent Moon Press. I love their initiative to take this new, upcoming target audience and give them some fun and exciting stories to read.

Thanks for celebrating with me yesterday! It was GREAT fun!

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12 thoughts on “New Adult…huh?

  1. Thanks for explaining New Adult. Looks like that’s going to be a great genre. I’ve read some YA. Liked some, didn’t like others but New Adult (NA) especially Wasteland, can’t wait.

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