Not Alone…

Do you ever feel like you’re all alone?

That no one understands or has experienced what you are going through?

I can’t even BEGIN to understand what my mother and father-in-law are experiencing right now as they deal with her cancer.

Last Friday, she received the news that her cancer has spread/worsened beyond treatment. There isn’t an option of chemo any longer.

And yes, that was the day my books arrived (see yesterday’s post). So, it was a bitter-sweet day. I was glad to hand her the book so she could read the dedication and see just a tiny sliver of light on that dark day.

Then yesterday, while I was at work, I heard this song by RED–> Not Alone.

And I cried.

Isn’t it interesting how you hear something right when you need to.

Here are the lyrics that really hit home:

I am with you

I will carry you through it all

I won’t leave you

I will catch you when you feel like letting go.

‘Cause you’re not…

You’re not alone!



Have a great day, everyone. And know this, you are NOT alone!

24 thoughts on “Not Alone…

  1. awwww – so sorry to hear about Lynn. That’s awful. The only ‘up’ is that you all have God to lean on through it all – and it sounds like you have some great friends surrounding you. Don’t be afraid to share the load and ask for help – any of you – I continue to pray for you all.

  2. We are all going to face that day, when the end is near. I doubt any one of us is ever prepared. When it’s a loved one, it seems harder. I pray that you and your family grow closer not only to each other but to God during this time of changes.

  3. I’m so sorry Lynn… *HUGS*

    I’m glad you were there and she got to hold your book and know how much she inspires you…

    I’ll be sending love and prayers your way and hope for miracles… Having you there with them was probaby a miracle too.



    • Thanks, Lisa. Yep, that was the most special thing I’ll have forever in my memory. Once things calm down, I’m going to gather the pictures of my 9 days with them and make a memory movie thing on iMovies.

  4. Oh, Lynn, I’m so sorry. I hate it that my stixernet wasn’t working right last night. Hugs to you and your family. I’m here if you need a shoulder.

  5. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song. I also cried. I have a friend of 28 years and her mother received the same news four months ago, the cancer is resistant to chemo. Since the report, she has been living each day with faith, peace and love. She is an incredible woman as I am sure your mother in law is. Thanks for sharing the beautiful song, Lynn.

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