Notes—Week of Love

For today’s Love Themed-This Writer’s Journey I have to mention my sweet hubby.

Now, I know, it’s Friday and you’re like, “Oh, enough lovey-dovey.”

Humor me, it’s just one more day, k?

Celebrating fifteen years of marriage is super-exciting. And heck, the fact that I still kinda LIKE the guy, is even more exciting.

All joking aside…..I really wouldn’t be where I am when it comes to my writing had he not given me the support I needed to keep moving ahead.

So, I took some of the notes he’s given me over the last year and snapped a picture.



How sweet is that? It’s those little surprises and notes of encouragement that really kept me going. And his belief in me. It made me believe in myself a little more to keep moving forward.

So, thanks, honey. I’m so glad you’re along me on this journey of Life! 

6 thoughts on “Notes—Week of Love

  1. the fact that you still like/love him IS a great thing..rare..and amazing… you must be one of those sappy-romantic kinda girls… you have available sisters??? LMAO…. cousins? beautiful friends who are like you??? Send em over… =)


  2. Those notes are so sweet! Resident Geek used to randomly send me flowers when I taught. I have a drawer full of dried roses and the cards that came with them. Nowadays, his little notes all come from email. I’ll take it. 🙂 Aren’t our guys AWESOME?

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