One Hit Wonder Week

Welcome back for day two of One Hit Wonder Week.


Electric Avenue, by Eddy Grant



Catchy music, but what a weird video. Sitting on a couch, singing. Oh, and then the water floor. That was cool…

Gotta love the 80s, right? **smile**


We’re gonna rock down to Electric Avenue . . . .

8 thoughts on “One Hit Wonder Week

  1. Oh wow, this was MY SONG! *adds it to her MP3 download list* I remember staying up late with my stepsister to watch MTV and this video. Love this song. *grooves* Another great One Hit Wonder pick!!

  2. LOL the room where he is sitting on the couch kinda reminds me of Del Boy’s flat in Peckham. hehehe

    Now, where’d I put my leg warmers and jumpsuit? Looks like I’m going to need them this week 🙂

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