One Hit Wonder Week

Here we are at day three of One Hit Wonder Week and it keeps getting better and better. . .


I Ran, Flock of Seagulls



Okay, he was having a lot of fun holding that ONE KEY down on the keyboard, huh? Did it very well…with lots of passion!

Love the hair and the mirrors the best. Admit it, ladies, you did your eye make-up like that, didn’t you?


12 thoughts on “One Hit Wonder Week

  1. I sure did, and I wore a bin bag (trash bag) with a huge red belt at a top too. LOL
    NOT But I did wear the electric blue mascara, blue eye shadow and frosty pink lipstick.

    He sure did have a lot of fun with that one key, didn’t he. And what’s with the tinfoil sculpture behind him? Oh dear.

    Got to love the eighties. It rocked 🙂

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