One Hit Wonder Week

We’ve reached the end of a very fun week. Walking down memory lane with you has been a blast!

For this final One Hit Wonder song, I would have to agree with VH-1 when they named it the best One Hit Wonder…..


Come on Eileen, by Dexys Midnight Runners



What was up with the overalls, no shirts beneath? Must have been a fad back then in the UK?

Any idea what the words are? I can’t make out many at all? **LOL**

Happy Friday, everyone!!

9 thoughts on “One Hit Wonder Week

  1. This song is fantastic. I watch the 80’s 100 greatest 1 hit wonders every chance I get because it always gives me an idea of songs I want to download. I thought this was cool when it came out and truly, it’s one of those songs that never really ages. Great, great ending to One Hit Wonder Week, Lynn!

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