One Hit Wonder Week

Welcome to Day One of One Hit Wonder Week!

Today’s video is Take On Me by Aha.

Back in the 80s, this was considered pretty innovative for a music video.


Take One Me, by Aha



I used to do a bit of drawing when I was in high school, so I was always intrigued with this video because of the drawing aspect. Oh, yeah, the song was good, too . . .  **smile**


What’d you think of this video?

14 thoughts on “One Hit Wonder Week

  1. I do love this song…even though I’ve never been able to hit the same notes he does – my voice has never allowed me to pretend to be a soprano, but I still try anyway! Great, great song and this video was amazing.

  2. I remember when this was released. My sister and I were total Morton Harket fans — and swooned every time the video was played on Top of the Pops.
    It was a pretty cool video for the time, and I still think it rocks 🙂 Only now, instead of a teen romance comic, I’d rather a Morton jump out a para rom!! hehe

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