Out of her Hands, by Megan DiMaria

Back Cover:

Linda Revere is losing control. Her grown children are poised to launch into life with exciting choices and endless possibilities. And like all parents, she only wants the best for them. She has been praying for her children’s future spouses since they were very small.  Confident that t=her prayers will be answered, Linda is not prepared for the young woman her son brings home.

In the midst of balancing a challenging job managing an upscale photography studio with the demans of her busy home, Linda is trying to help her father-in-law get on with life after hie’ widowed. And now her best friend and confidante is moving across the country. How does Linda manage when she realizes it’s all out of her hands?

My Review:

I read her first book Searching for Spice and loved it. Out Of Her Hands is equally as enjoyable. I read it in just a couple days. Megan manages to put a creative and entertaining twist on every day life. I loved the playful banter between her and Jerry (hubby) and how they understand each other so easily after thirty-some years of marriage. Inspiring.


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