P is for Pillar

Had to tap into the #AWAITED playlist today for the A to Z Music Themed blog challenge.

I’m new to Pillar, but their music is perfect for Awaited (Heck, Wasteland and Tainted, too) because it’s all about fighting the good fight. At least that’s how I interpreted the song! Here are a few lines that stuck out to me:

Fight this thing until we won.

Fight to live and live to fight.

We live our lives on the front lines.


And in other exciting news……



Here’s what people are already saying about Awaited:

“From the first action-packed scene, AWAITED grabs you and doesn’t let go until its awesome conclusion.” ~~Caridad Piñeiro, NY Times Best-Selling Author.

“Step aside Edward and Bella! We now have two new immortals, Russell and Annabelle, to embrace.”  ~~Carla Gallaway, Book Monster Reviews

“Awaited is wonderfully written, action packed and true to the power of love!” ~~Nikki Brandyberry: Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind

So, head on over to Amazon to pre-order, and you’ll be among the first to get the action-packed sequel to Wasteland.

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