Pass the Zoom #TheRunningWriter

Yesterday I hit on journaling as something I re-focused on during this physical distancing thing we have going on. Today, here’s one you probably have all heard of: ZOOM!

We all should have bought stock in Zoom at the start of this COVID thing, huh? It’s a handy little tool, though, that I’ve been forced to learn. Okay, forced sounds horrible. I wanted to learn it because our weekly small group started meeting on it and then, my sister from Minnesota suggested the family hang out on that to connect.

So, of course I mentioned ZOOM HAPPY HOUR! Because, you know, QUARANTINIs are the thing to do, right??

I found this awesome recipe online–I’m not sure where–but it’s called a Cherry Cheesecake Martini. So I went for it, and it turned out pretty yummy. And even though I’m a Kitchen Klutz, nobody got injured during the process. Though, my sweet hubby, who is quite handy in the kitchen, had to step in and help me with the sugar rim of my glass.

My mom, sister, niece and I had a blast chatting things up, checking in on each other, and having some laughs. It was great to see their faces.

It took a pandemic to get us to connect in a way we probably wouldn’t have. Not that I’m going to be all, Yay, for the pandemic–no way. But finding the good things that can come out of it…that helps keep me sane.

How are you guys doing? Hanging in there??


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