Pay It Forward

Thank you, Alex J Cavanaugh, for putting on this blogfest!

I LOVE blogging, and I’ve met soooo many wonderful people because of blogging.

So, when I saw this chance to pay it forward, I was, like, “Count me in!”

I first started out blogging because I was told it was part of a writer’s platform.

It QUICKLY morphed into me just wanting to do it to interact with people. Meet people. Find cool blogs to hang out at.

When I first started on this writing journey, Rachelle Gardner’s blog really rocked my world. Don’t get me wrong, it still does, but it was one of the first ones I found and started following regularly. She was a newer agent back then, but she’s morphed into a force to be reckoned with in the literary world for sure! I loved watching that. She’s so inspiring.

A second blog I love to follow is Jennifer Daiker’s. She’s freaking hysterical, genuine, transparent, and genuine. Did I mention that one already? Check her blog out, seriously. You won’t be disappointed.

A third site I follow a bunch–but might not always comment–is Alex’s. Yep. I know he’s the host of this little blogfest, but I still have to mention it. Love the authenticity of the posts, his love of movies, and overall fun nature.

Now, I follow many, many blogs, so picking three to mention here is difficult. Be sure to check out my sidebar to see more sites I follow fairly regularly. And check out Alex’s post on Pay It Forward to see all the other blogs participating in this little blogfest. It’s wicked-huge!!!!

Happy Friday, my friends. I’m off to go visit some blogs, now!



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