Pet Sematary

Okay, we’re at number TWO of the top five scary movies . . . So far we’ve counted down the following:

#5 Amityville Horror

#4 Nightmare on Elm Street

#3 The Shining

And, today. . . the number TWO rank goes to:


Pet Sematary



Yeah, I’d say Stephen King is the KING OF HORROR. Jeez, the amount of jumping-out-at-you-scary in this movie was enough to give me a heart attack. The close ups on the faces and the wide eyes. . . **shiver**

**What’d you think about Pet Sematary?**

16 thoughts on “Pet Sematary

  1. I think I watched this movie because I had a HUGE crush on Edward Furlong at the time ( I guess that dates me). And I liked horror movies as a kid/teen. Not so much anymore. Now I’d have all those nightmares I avoided when I was younger :).

    1. LOL. Yeah, I was more able to handle the scary movies as a teen. Not any more. You’d think that would be different…more knowledge of how totally and completely fake and false this stuff is. . . but. . .Owell.

  2. It was a great movie. Gage…Stephen King is truly a madman for making that little boy a killer in the end. If anything, that was the scariest part for me. This is probably why I’m scared of children. 😉

  3. Um, the truth is, I couldn’t get through that movie. It was so DANG SCARY!!! I gave it an honest go though. Tried to watch it late one night, with my father of all people, and we lasted about half hour into it. ; )

    1. Late at night? No way, you have to watch this in the middle of the day, all the lights on, and your finger hovering over the mute button to silence the creepy music. 🙂


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