Picked a name…

Thanks for all your help with my post: Name My Trilogy

I’ve picked the winner.

It was tough since there were so many great entries. Thank you all. I’m super excited about this project. Just sent in my cover request form to the amazing Jeannie Ruesch with Will Design for Chocolate.

She’s made all my covers to date, so I know Frostbite will be great.

So…without further delay. Here is the winner:

Touch of Frost

Brittany Hiester suggested this one, and I just loved it. Winter Blaze was a close second but I had to go with my gut and the majority on this one.

Congrats Brittany. You’ll be mentioned in the acknowledgements of this book once it’s published. I’m moving forward with the self-publishing route on this trilogy, and I could be more excited (and a little scared since it’s my first ever self-pubbing adventure).

So, Brittany, give me a holler (LynnRush (at) lynnrush.com) and we’ll chat.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more details on the Touch of Frost novels coming soon!!!




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