Do you like Pizza? I know I do. During college, I think we ordered pizza at least once per week. BUT….then I got into the whole training-for-inline-marathons mode and we cut it out of the diet, mostly. Then, when that phase was over, we fell into the training for triathlons….I just can’t win, can I?  LOL

Oh, but when we do eat it…..It’s yummy.  I stumbled across this little website that tells us what we’re like depending on our favorite pizza.  Usually I don’t hold much merit in them, but, surprisingly, it’s pretty accurate.

So, what does your taste in Pizza say about you??  CLICK HERE to find out


Your Pizza Says:

You have simple tastes. You don’t like too many things going on with your food.
There are a lot of flavors you don’t like… or you don’t think you like.

Pizza Topping You Should Try: Roasted garlic

Stay away from: Eggplant pizza

OH, this is sooo true.

So what did you guys get?


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