Poison antidote #TheRunningWriter

Poison antidote


Negative thoughts + negative talk = poison.

That poison can leak into all aspects of your life. And also impact those around you. When you’re stuck in negativity, everything looks worse than it is.

You start looking for bad things to happen to confirm your negative mood. Everything people do becomes about you. How it impacts you. How they are trying to hurt you. How mean they are.

But it might not be true. When we’re stuck in the poor me negative spiral it becomes difficult to jump off of it. And when we’re thinking everyone and everything is against us, we can start alienating people. Hurting them with accusations that may not be 100% accurate.

But what’s the antidote to this poison once it gets into our system?

For me, it’s focusing on a positive thing each day. If it means I have to write it down then I do that. Getting myself out in the sun helps my bad moods. Volunteering. Talking to a trusted friend. Exercising. Praying.

What helps you purge the poison from your mind?

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