Wasteland News….


Wasteland is now up for Pre-Order on All Romance E-books (ARe)

So, if you are of the e-book reading persuasion, head on over and pre-order Wasteland for your e-reader!

If you order from ARe between August 6th and August 10th, 2011 you’ll receive 15% off!

***Oh, but check this out***

Amazon is getting into the excitement as well:  CLICK HERE to put in your order for the print book–>Amazon might send it earlier than the September release date…you just never know. *wink*

And check out my Amazon Author Page:  CLICK HERE

***But hold on, there’s more***

Are you ready for the Wasteland Book Trailer?

I know I am.

So……here goes.





Things are moving along, aren’t they? Thanks for your support, everyone!!



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