Pressure to be… #TheRunningWriter

I thought it might be fun to see the official definition of pressure:

the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it.

I’m starting to realize that a lot of the pressure I feel, I put there myself. Pressure to do things right. Be the perfect wife, boss, friend. Help those around me. Eat right. Exercise daily. Be this. Be that.

And sometimes, they are overwhelming. They can add pressure to the day. They can bring conflict or require me to step into conflict.

But one thing I try to remember is, nobody is perfect, so why am I expecting myself to be perfect?

That’s a lot of pressure.

That’s a lot of stress.

That’s a lot of anxiety.

I just need to step back and remember that I am not perfect, and it’s okay! I will do my best to love God, love myself, and love others.

Stay strong, my friends.

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