Hi, there. Adrean here again. Wow, seems like Lynn really liked Eclipse, huh? She made a quick appearance on the blog all the way from Paris yesterday, even.

Well, today she’s traveling back to the states. Another long day at airports, on airplanes, and sitting in those tiny, little seats.

That would freak me out.

I have this little issue, or as my buddy Logan calls it, QUIRKS.


Anyway, I don’t do enclosed spaces very well, hence the not much traveling. Hey, I live on the first floor for a reason. No elevators.

And don’t even try to mess with my routines, either.


I go to the same diner at the same time and eat the same meal every day.

But you know one thing that shook me out of my quirks – okay, some people call them compulsions – a beautiful woman.

Enter, Lexi.

Sure, it kinda ticked me off the first time I saw her because she was sitting in the booth I prefer . . . but that anger quickly dissipated when she flashed her eye-sparkling smile at me.

I got to know her a little, and you know what? She didn’t mind my little quirks so much. She’s even got a couple, but I won’t go into them. . . she said she was going to read this post . . .

So, to my question to you all is, What little habits do you have?

And since Lynn is thousands of miles up in the air and can’t read this, I’ll tell you one of hers. . . .

She HAS to have the volume on an odd number.

For real. It’s so weird.

In the car, if Charlie (her husband) turns the volume up and it lands on an even number, she pushes it up or down one notch so it’s on an odd number.

Weird, huh?

But then again, I hear writers are weird.

What’s my excuse then?

7 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. Oh man, Adrean. You revealed my Odd Number quirk….You’re in trouble. I’m gonna have to write in some crazy – weird situations in your next novel!!!!

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  3. Jill – totally understand the escalator thing! I’m cool with ’em as long as they aren’t squished between two walls, like a tunnel. *shudder*
    lb – I think we all have more than we’re admitting! 🙂
    Kat – I’d prefer to call it “quirky” 🙂
    Lori – OMG, stuck in an elevator? It FREAKS me out just thinking it.

  4. I’m one that needs symmetry – the set up of a room, pictures on the wall, place settings – if not symmetry, at least balance.
    I got stuck in a small, full, old elevator once taking a tour of the Columbus Dispatch newspaper. I’m not claustrophobic, but that experience pushed my buttons a little. I was SO GLAD to get out of that elevator!

  5. Hey Adrean! You don’t do elevators, I don’t do escalators. I had a dream when I was five years old that I went to step on the escalator at the Washington Monument and fell all the way down. I grew up in Washington, they don’t even have an escalator at the monument. 🙂 I almost missed a flight out of Atlanta because I couldn’t go down the HUGE escalator and couldn’t find the nearest elevator.

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