Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~Saint Augustine
Waiting is rarely fun.

When I'm waiting for something–word from a publisher, a book review, recovering from an injury–whatever it is, my mind can wander.

And it's not always to a good place.

"I'm losing good training time."
"I'm a terrible writer."
"They're going to hate my book."

You get the point.

When your patience is getting a good workout, the key is to stay positive and focused.

When waiting for something to happen in the writing world (book deals, edits, &/or reviews), I try and write more books. Keep working on the craft. Support my fellow authors.

While healing from an injury, I do what I can to stay healthy. Like when I broke my foot, I lifted weights with my arms, worked on my core strength.

Everything we face in life, whether it's good, bad, or neutral, can teach us something.

If we let it.

Stay strong, my friends.

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