The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ~Mark Twain


Have you ever tried this? It totally works.

There’s just something about taking the focus off your own issues for a while and helping someone else. Blessing them somehow.

Doesn’t have to be with money. It could be something, like a hello or a genuine smile to a stranger. Helping someone in need by doing their lawn or other chores. Going to visit someone whose family is far away. 

When we are upset, hurting or sad about stuff happening in our own lives, we can fall into a little spiral, staying focused on what’s going wrong in the day. In your life.

But shifting that focus to someone else, and helping them with no expectation of them thanking you or helping you back, it’s a day-changer for sure.

It won’t solve your problems, but it might cheer you up some, which makes your outlook on life a little more positive. 

Then, you can tackle your challenges with a fresh perspective. You might be surprised what happens after that. 
Stay strong, my friends. 

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