I can have peace of mind only when I forgive rather than judge. ~Gerald Jampolsky


It’s not always easy to forgive, though, is it? Especially when someone has hurt you so terribly. Even more so when we feel they don’t deserve forgiveness. 

It’s a tough one for sure. 

Holding onto anger can be toxic to the body, actually making it physically ill. It can also be toxic to your emotional well-being, triggering depression, anxiety and a host of other things. 

So how do we just forgive it away? It can feel overwhelming and impossible.

And yes, it can feel impossible, if you think you’re alone in it.

But you’re not.

In my opinion, forgiveness starts with small steps, and you might need help doing it. Therapists, friends, family…They can help you see a different side of things, maybe help you work through anger by talking, writing, hammering a punching bag…It’s amazing how these things can help you see the situation clearer.

I know for me, the more focus I give to something causing me anger, the angrier I get. . . 

Feeling anger isn’t bad or wrong, but letting it own you, tainting your daily living, don’t give it that power.

Stay strong, my friends. You are not alone. You are loved. 

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