It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams. ~Vin Diesel


Don’t let insecurity be a dream buster. Instead, bust through it. 

For me it took small, attainable steps. Like when I wrote my first novel. I was like, “Great, I have this 87,000-word book here, what next?”

Because I didn’t think I had any business writing. I’d never taken a course, no connections, and for sure I wasn’t good enough. 

But my friend said, “Take the next step.”  

So I got on Google and searched out local writing groups.

Small step, right? What harm can come from Google? LOL. 

Next, I called group leader. Talked with her about how it worked. 

Another small step. 

I prayed about it. Talked to my friends about it. 

That led me to a big step: I went to the group. 

I was so scared. Sweaty. Dry mouth. Pounding heart. I had it all. 

But each small step I’d taken prior to this one, they’d given me strength.

So…what’s the next step you’re going to take toward your dreams?

You can do it, my friends. 

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