Don’t forget to look up.


I know I can get really focused—in the zone—when I’m doing something. Especially writing and trail running. I’m at it for hours on end.

While running, I’m focused on the trail so I don’t fall. With Writing, I just get lost in the worlds and characters I’m creating, I stare at my computer for long periods of time.

But when I stop and look up, I’m often rewarded. On the trails it’s with an amazing view. Anyone who follows me online sees all my sunrise pictures constantly filling my streams.

For writing, when I take time to look up from the screen I can take a breath. Let things settle a minute. It gives me new perspective on a scene or a character.

Plus. If I’m at a coffee shop or some other or fun people-watching area, I often get inspired. So that’s always good, too.

The point is. Don’t forgot to look up and see the things (and people) around you. Otherwise you may miss some pretty amazing things.

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