Criticism is a good thing!


Nobody enjoys criticism. I know I don’t. I like to do things right and do them well. But I need to accept that I can’t do ALL things right and well.

There was only one perfect being in all history, why would I think I could be the second all-perfect being?

When I finally realized that, I wasn’t so hard on myself—and those around me.

Criticism helped me with that. It can help you, too.

When people point out things to do differently or do better, it’s not a personal attack on your and your soul. Look at it as a chance to grow, learn more.

That’s what I do with my writing. Critique partners, agents and editors really hack up my stories sometimes. It’s nothing personal, it’s to help strengthen the story. And with each story I write, my skills as a writer get stronger. I’m thankful for that.

So don’t worry, my friends, criticism can be a good thing…if you let it.

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