Don’t hide behind noise.


Life is noisy. Ever notice that? Music blaring, constant chatter, TV playing 24/7.

Some brush it off as just wanting some white noise around, that they just don’t like total silence

Ever wonder why?

If you follow me on social media you already know that P!nk is one of my favorite artists. Her words are powerful, and in her song, Sober, this phrase about silence really hit home with me: The quiet scares me ‘cause it screams the truth.


Ever notice that when you slow down and be still in silence, your mind can wander over past events? Feelings can rush over you like a tidal wave if there aren’t any distractions, and that’s difficult to handle.

But don’t hide behind the noise. Distractions will only delay the inevitable. Because whatever thought or emotion we were avoiding will come at us out of nowhere and take us by surprise if we’re not careful.

Stay strong, my friends.

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