Things don’t equate happiness.


There’s a little bit of a rush that comes with getting something shiny and new.

The heart rate picks up and the excitement associated the new item feels absolutely euphoric. We all know that feeling.

But what we also know…it doesn’t last.

And sometimes, when that rush dies down, we start looking for the next thing to get so we can experience that rush again.

We need that excitement, that distraction.

So what do we do to change? For everyone, that’s different. Each of us is in a different place, so what works for some won’t for others. But I think the first thing is to identify it. Can’t start to change if you never admit here’s something that needs changing right?

Then maybe it’s letting stuff go by donating it to those in need.

When faced with wanting to buy the next thing, stopping and asking yourself: is this something you need or want.

Getting an accountability partner to check in with. Someone honest and assertive enough to call you out, lovingly.

Something to think about this Christmas season.

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