Break the bullying cycle.


It makes my heart hurt when I hear about, or see, bullying. I think that’s why it ends up in some of my books.

I can write powers into my characters to squash the bullies and stop the devastation they cause.

And yeah. I said the word devastation.

Have you ever looked up that word in the dictionary?

1. to lay waste; render desolate. Synonyms: destroy, sack, despoil, raze, ruin, level.

2. to overwhelm

Destroy. Ruin. Level. Wow. As an author, I have to choose words carefully to paint vibrant word pictures. So powerful words are key.

Destroy. Ruin. Level. Those are pretty descriptive words to explain bullying and what it does to a person’s soul.

Do you really want to be responsible for destroying, ruining, or leveling someone’s soul? Just to feel powerful. Or to fit into a crowd?

Trust me, later on, in adulthood, you’ll feel the pain of your actions. Just as your victim will.

Be the change.


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