Don’t hope. Do!


When my hubby was thinking about opening his own business, he started reading books about it. In one of these books, a chapter title was, “There’s no hope.”

Eye catching, right?

I’m all about hope and when I read that, I was a little put off.

But then I read on.

It talked about how you can’t be saying/thinking, “I hope I can do this.” or “I hope I get customers.”

You need to be saying things like “I will do this.” or “I will get customers.”

It’s more of a frame of mind. Positive thinking.

So now, when I hear someone say “I hope…” I tell them, “There is no hope!”

And then I tell them the rest of the story! LOL.

So remember, my friends, you CAN do it. There is no room for, “I hope I can do it.”

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