Be nice.


There’s one way to change someone’s attitude, and your own, and that’s by being nice.

One example: There’s a long line at the store. The person behind you has one thing and you have a full cart.

Let them go ahead of you.

The response you get might surprise you—and lighten your heart a little.

It’s a rarity to witness small acts of kindness like saying hello when you meet someone on a sidewalk. Or holding a door open for someone.

Most everyone is on a task. Focused on getting their stuff done. And getting it done quickly—without interruption.

I’m guilty of that, too, sometimes.

But when I slow down a little and take the time to say hi to someone, let them go ahead of me in line, or just hold a door open for them, their response is almost always a smile. A genuine one.

So let’s spread a little kindness around, ok?

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