Forgiveness is freedom.


Clinging to hate or anger is tiring. Ever notice that?

It occupies our thoughts and even dictates our behaviors.

The stickler is, the person who wronged or hurt you probably hasn’t thought twice about it. Might not even remember you.

So why are you holding onto them? Allowing them to keep you captive long after the event?

They’ve hurt you enough already. Don’t fuel their sickness by holding onto them.

There’s freedom in forgiveness. It’s one of the most difficult things to do, though, to truly forgive someone for hurting us.

Maybe that’s why it’s so freeing once we do it.

It’s like breaking chains that have been holding us down or holding us back.

To not think of that person every day or see his/her face everywhere…it’s a weight off.

But how do we forgive someone who has hurt us so deeply?

That’s the million dollar question.

In my opinion, it’s almost like breaking a bad habit. It starts with a choice to do it. Then taking small steps to break the bonds of anger & pain.

You won’t ever forget the event, but forgiving the person will help you let go of the hold it has on you.

Whatever it takes, whether it’s counseling, accountability from a dear friend, changes in your routine…seek it out.

It will take time, but the first step is to decide to do it. And you can do it. Because you are strong, you are worth it, and you are the bigger person.

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