Find happiness in the little things.


I get a lot of flack for my Beanie Boo collection. Yeah. It might be a little weird, considering I’m 45, but that’s ok, they make me smile.

Finding joy in the small things can make the sometimes monotonous day-to-day deeds a little more tolerable.

So, yeah, you’ll probably find the stuffed cuties in my purse, bag, and even my car. And you might even see me giving them a little pat on the head throughout the day.

It’s like a tiny break in the day that makes me smile.

Sometimes I have to work to find happiness in the day. But if I’m looking for it, I’m more likely to find some. If I’m always looking for the things to complain about, then I’ll find those instead.

My challenge to you, today, is to find happiness in the small things.

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