Reality #TheRunningWriter

I do my best to try and be a positive space in the electronic world—and in real life. There’s enough negativity and hate out there, so I try to combat as much of it as I can. Through this daily thing I’ve got going on, the novels I write, and however I can each day I have breath.

I often hear the comment, “You’re always smiling.” Or get asked, “Are you ever not happy?”

I’m not 100% positive, happy and energetic every minute of the day. No one is. No matter what you see people posting online. The pictures are usually just the positive highlights of a person’s life.

Don’t compare or judge yourself against that. It’s not reality.

Reality is, life is hard. It has ups and downs. Good and bad. Some seasons have a little more good than bad. Some seasons we feel like we’re drowning in bad.

Hang tight, my friends. We’re in this together.

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