Ever run outside in the pouring rain and play? Just goof around without a worry about anything?

I got to do that a few weeks ago while we were back in my husband’s home town. We were out for a jog and it started pouring. Big fat raindrops.

It was awesome.

I felt like a kid outside with my best friend, just goofing around. Nothing mattered. Not the fact that we were back in the hometown to say one last goodbye to his dad and settle his estate.

It was a weird sense of peace amongst turmoil. A sense of freedom from the grip sadness. A glimpse back to a carefree childhood.

Although it was temporary, it was helpful. A recharge of energy. And when you’re facing off with difficult situations, you need those recharge times.

It doesn’t have to be running in the rain, but find something that recharges you. Helps you relax and refocus so you can deal with the ins and outs of your day.

For me running is a recharge, but another one is talking to my friends. Last night I got to spend time with a dear friend, just chatting about everything. No worry about time or where we had to be later.

Just me and her, a little food and three hours. Friends. Living life together. Supporting one another.

Talk about an awesome recharge. Today looks a lot brighter after having chatted with her.

So what recharges your battery?

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