Resident Evil

Have you been following the Resident Evil movies?

I saw the first two…I think. I’ve always kept them in my sights, just never sat down and watched them.

But check this out:

Now, Milla can KICK BUTT! And she’s been in all of the movies, right? Or am I on glue? I think that’s awesome she’s gone on this long playing ALICE!

I think it’ll be time for some R&R after Ragbrai, and these movies might be on the schedule!


What movies did you see this weekend? Anything good? Any movies to steer clear of?

10 thoughts on “Resident Evil

  1. I rented American Reunion, I enjoyed it because it had all the people from the other movies. But, when you rent a new release you get a free rental. I rented Just go with it, (I think that is the name) with Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler. I laughed my butt off. I had tears in my eyes. I love movies like that. I have been telling everyone I know to watch it.—Rachel

  2. I love these movies and have seen them all. Might have to break my rule of no zombie movies/shows while pregnant (I have nightmares, but only when pregnant and only zombie stuff… weird, eh?). I saw the last one in 3D and I hope the 3D on this one is better – the last one was a converted to 3D after being shot so it only had a few 3D sections.

    I haven’t been to the movies in months but we’re talking about going to see the newest Batman. I love that series too so I’d love to see it right away.

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